Наверное, эта музыка будет вечной, господи. Только ты думаешь, что отгорело и попустило, и тут. Особая благодарность вселенной за Омелет :heart:

>>When Evgeni Malkin was a teenager, he had a conversation with his agent, who was telling him all about another one of his young clients. The agent told Malkin this other kid was incredibly special, a generational talent.
"I said what's his name? He said Sidney Crosby," Malkin recalled. "I said how old? He said 14 years old. I said wow. He said he's beaten all the records already, he's like unbelievable."
So Malkin started to follow Crosby's career, watching highlights when he got the chance. And to his delight, after the Pens drafted Malkin second overall in 2004, they took Crosby with the first-overall selection the following year.
"I saw he was already an amazing fast guy, very smart," Malkin said. "I'm glad to have played on the same team with him like three years after we talked to my agent."<<

hey omelet! i love your art, honestly it gets me through the day. could you draw geno arriving in america and meeting sid for the first time please? love them as a baby!pens :)

bonus: he came from another iceberg

>>And while the two have accomplished a lot of incredible achievements individually - they've combined for three league MVPs, four MVPs as voted by their peers, two playoff MVPs, four scoring titles, one rookie of the year and one goal-scoring title - their legacies will always be linked here in Pittsburgh. Especially having just won their second Stanley Cup together.
And Malkin, who is signed with the team through the 2021-22 season, wants to capture more championships with Crosby, whose contract goes through the 2024-25 season.
"I hope we play our whole lives here," Malkin said. "I don't want to move to a different city. I'd like to play here. I like to play with Sid. With this team, this young group, I just do my best and I know Sid works hard too. We're just trying to win again and get as many Cups as we can.
"It's not easy because sometimes there's injury, sometimes there's just not luck. But we will try to of course win more. It's not easy, but we've played 10 years together already. We won two Cups, but maybe we'll play 10 more years together and we'll win a couple more. Why not?"<<

Jlkgfdkuhoiuhouihidfluhasfdfbv :heart: I can't even. *бегает по стенам и потолку* Да, пожалуйста, еще десять лет и всегда. Зачем они пишут эти статьи :weep3: Нет, пусть продолжают.

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